Shibori dyeing day

May 18, 2017

A playday with two friends, using Procion MX cold water dyes produced many delights for each of us.  Here are two that came from my folding and twisting.


Morning glory

January 30, 2016

Time out for me from creative labours Has been a result of Dungog’s summertime humidity & 30+ degree temperatures.  Air conditioning & knitting (socks) has been creating a mood of quiet contemplation.

This morning’s sunrise was quietly meditative with beams of sunshine falling on the earth against a foggy backdrop.  These colours of our backyard are glorious.

This piece was dyed using the power of sunshine – during a group workshop held by friends. Back home it was enhanced further with hand stitching to become a table centrepiece.

December 6, 2015
Sola dyed cotton with hand=stitching.

Sola dyed cotton with hand=stitching.

Hand-felted Brooches

December 5, 2015

Sometimes I enjoy nothing better than to work small and enjoy quiet moments.

Stitching into wool is like a knife moving through butter – it has a lovely feel about it.

These are recent samples of my hand-felt brooches.

Hand felted with stitching - little lovelies!

Hand felted with stitching – little lovelies!

A good yarn!

November 6, 2015
Hand-dyed cotton yarn

Hand-dyed cotton yarn

A few bundles of white cotton yarn were hand-dyed using Procion MX dyes.

Starting with using straight colours was followed by mixing different colour combinations to create earthy tones.  Using a size 13 Chenille needle, these thick yarns will be easily stitched into projects.

Perhaps these yarns will be incorporated into the Secret Santa gift that I will make for a group I belong to, the “Daughters on Dowling”.  A very creative group who share a love of embroidery, traditional and contemporary.

Hand dyed silk incorporating a botanical approach.

November 3, 2015


Experimenting with dyes and resist whilst incorporating windblown leaves produced this silk scarf.  

Experimenting with plant dyes

August 15, 2015

IMG_4128This rather new direction is one where I am exploring the combination of eco-dyeing along with my other dyes.

My first attempt at combining the two produced weak imagery.  So back to work and bundled again using slightly different techniques, this is batching.

I  needed to be more patient this time and leave the bundle alone for at least a week, at least, which I managed to do!

Here is the result.  It is interesting.