Shibori dyeing day

May 18, 2017

A playday with two friends, using Procion MX cold water dyes produced many delights for each of us.  Here are two that came from my folding and twisting.



Working with tjaps

January 27, 2016

You may be thinking, what are tjaps!  At a 2015 workshop by Els Van Baarle I too wondered.  I became intrigued by the imagery these beautiful tools create.


My tjaps are vintage copper blocks made in Jarva for batik printing on fabric.  When they no longer are needed they are sold to artists.

This is is my latest addition to my collection.

And this is what emerged from dyeing at my home workspace.


Printing & DSP

January 10, 2016

Two deconstructed screen prints made yesterday were overprinted today.  Using an antique wooden printing block with textile paint I aimed at observing how these two processes gelled.

The last two photos show another DSP created today using bananas for texture.  The first print is darker than the second.  Both show interesting texture.

Simply click on photos to enlarge them.



Deconstructed screen printing

January 9, 2016

image image image image image image imageA dedicated day was spent in the wet room, creating ( hopefully) background pieces for art textiles.

Some may be used in creations for an exhibition later this year at Dungog, NSW.

My preference leans heavily to saturated colour, but I need neutrals for contrast.  So Here you can see my preparation of procion mx dye – black – that was added to manutex  thickener.

This was applied to the back of silk screens in varying ways to create visual texture.

i want to compare the results of dye with textile painted imagery.  This is my challenge for this week.

A good yarn!

November 6, 2015
Hand-dyed cotton yarn

Hand-dyed cotton yarn

A few bundles of white cotton yarn were hand-dyed using Procion MX dyes.

Starting with using straight colours was followed by mixing different colour combinations to create earthy tones.  Using a size 13 Chenille needle, these thick yarns will be easily stitched into projects.

Perhaps these yarns will be incorporated into the Secret Santa gift that I will make for a group I belong to, the “Daughters on Dowling”.  A very creative group who share a love of embroidery, traditional and contemporary.

Home at work!

October 10, 2015


Here is my wet workspace, situated under our house.

Its large functional space has good light and air, is adjacent to a clothes line and garden.   Home again after attending the workshop by Els Van Baarle you can see from these pics where I have started to repeat some of the exercises.

This is just a start of an attractive adventure using wax dyes & print.

This sample is on cotton overlaid with silk organza, which gives a subtle effect.  More work to be done to produce a satisfying outcome….it needs some thinking time!

Working with nature

August 13, 2015

I made fabric postcard with hand-dyed fabrics, and free-wheeling machine stitch to reflect my love of the landscape and its wild fauna growth.

At the moment my mind is focussed on eco-dyeing.  The spontaneity of colour from nature’s leaves is alluring.   The process demands all my patience whilst I wait for the bundle of silk and leaves to batch in the winter sun.   I am told to leave it alone for at least 7 days before its unwrapping.   Mmmm,  its going to be a long 7 days and 7 nights!