Time to deconstruct.

September 14, 2014


The concreter’s are coming!  It’s time to deconstruct the gravelly area adjacent to my wet room.

But not before I returned to the process of deconstruction screen printing & syringe work using Procion MX dyes.

I am hoping these pieces will become arty aprons.


One on the right was like the one on the left, until my syringe was put to work.



Essence of Dungog

September 12, 2014

IMG_2832 IMG_2833

Using watercolour paper and acrylic paints the base for this piece of art was formed.

Embellished further with hand-stitch, yarn, and painted lace inserted to the foreground depicting plant life.

This was created for entry into Dungog’s annual art exhibition -this concludes this coming Sunday.

I am pleased to announce that my piece was purchased at this exhibition, so it will be going to a wall in another person’s home …. at Dungog of course, given the title of my piece!

Little felts

August 29, 2014

These wooden buttons are made from real trees – a purchase from a specialist who slices twigs into shapes so useful for buttons.

Type of woods remains a mystery until I relocate the tags, they are in hiding somewhere in my stash.

Anyway the point I want to make,  is that these buttons caused my fingers to create felted pieces, which together with yarns and fabrics, have become lovely little brooches.  Perfect for winter!


Crochet for the kitchen!

August 16, 2014

Fell in love with this yarn made from pineapples!    Made this a little bag to hang garlic in the kitchen.

  vvMini bag

Wall art – my landscape

August 10, 2014

Creating another piece of felt which is then embellished with stitch & beads, this is another creation showcasing landscape theme.

My husband made the wooden frame – wood and fibre seem to be a good marriage!

I am enjoying this technique – it comes to easily to my fingers.   So much so, that it has become a MUST DO!

Feeling that I want to spend time experimenting with this technique and moving from small too larger pieces.


Reflections of landscapes around Dungog

August 8, 2014


Using silk & wool rovings I created a felt background which was enhanced by hand stitch and beading.  Some self-dyed threads and yarns were used.

Within this piece is the Mountmellick Stitch which recently was taught by Deirdre from Daughters of Dowling textile artist group.   I did not connect them to each other as is traditionally done, but preferred to include some individual stitches.  Can you spot them?


Monthly Market at Dungog

July 30, 2014

Our group, Dungog by Design, is preparing to feature creations at our market this coming Saturday.  The market is held in the lovely grounds of the Presbyterian Church situated in Dowling St, just a hop skip and jump from our various cafe’s and coffee stops.

Having heat resistant wadding in my stash I made a few oven mits (or trivets).  They are functional items for any household and in my opinion they are classy to look at too.   They feature a backed piece to protect the back of the hand during handling of dishes in the oven.  These are new to the market….I try to have something for everyone!



Also due to the popularity of fabric postcards, these have been created during the past few days.   They allow a handwritten message to be composed on the back of the card and mailed through Aust Post.

My love of Dungog’s landscape with its hills and dales comes through in my creations.







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