Waxing with colour

September 4, 2016


Making time for creative play with a ‘partner of crime’ yesterday got me deeply involved in wax, various papers, & silk.  It was also an opportunity to work with shapes to create textural visual interest.  Mmm, more work is to be done!




Textures of the Landscape

August 31, 2016

Living in The Upper Hunter close to the Barrington ranges floods my eyes and mind with a myriad of colours, textures and moods from the landscape.

I feel this piece of work (just finished) is a subconscious effect of being surrounded by the land and its beauty.  My felted wall hanging was made using wool & silk rovings, yarns, and fibres, then embellished with hand stitch.

This is the morning view from our back yard ….. It is never the same, even though it always is!

Today the colours were so so soft, caused by diffused sunlight and a gentle smokey haze due to farmers burning off their land before summer arrives.


Hands on Silk.

August 16, 2016



Don’t you just love the feel of pure silk?

Dungog’s  weather is losing its biting chill that keeps me out of my cold wet room.  Warming midday sunshine is beckoning me to this special place where I can dye to my hearts content.  Dyeing silk is a delicious activity and shibori techniques are always so enjoyable for their surprise element.




Hills and Dales

August 6, 2016


Painting is such a relaxing activity.

These landscapes were painted using my watercolours (professional series) onto pure silk fabric.

Embellished with silk rods and my hand dyed threads.

Finally I ‘drew’ into the framed image using Hand stitch.

Stitching has an equally meditative effect in on my being.

Messing around with my paints again.

July 26, 2016

Getting my paintbrushes wet during a few short wintery hours in the warmth of my working studio, these little pieces emerged.  Textile paints  were applied to fabric.

I have a few ideas about what to do with these mini landscapes…….. And for now they need time to brew.  Let’s wait and see.


It’s snowing on our nearby Barrington mountains.

July 13, 2016


July winter weather hasn’t encouraged the activity involving water and rolling to create felt.  But these two small pieces have emerged from beneath my wet hands.

These show you a glimpse of my creative abstraction to the theme of landscapes.

Next step……. incorporate hand stitch for extra texture and stronger visual interest.



Playing with paints again

July 11, 2016

Time for a little dalliance……

Needing a few greeting cards and finding time to relax with brush & paint, I created these.Acrylic pants and silk fabric I added hand stitch to create interest and unify the colours.

Sometimes it feels good to be aloof from big challenges and simply relax with tiny ones, such as these hand printed cards.