Dyeing fabric using nature’s plant life

September 6, 2015


More experimentation is occuring at my home in Dungog.

With enthusiasm of two textile-art friends a playday together was satisfying indeed.

Here’s a few samples of the day’s adventure.

Unwrapping the bundle

Unwrapping the bundle

Colours of nature

Colours of nature

My ghost gum!

August 23, 2015

(Can you see what I mean on second photo).

The results of eco-dyeing with eucalyptus and plants from my garden.  Eco-dyeing is a process of experimentation and time.

IMG_4143 IMG_4146 IMG_4149 IMG_4153 IMG_4154

Experimenting with plant dyes

August 15, 2015

IMG_4128This rather new direction is one where I am exploring the combination of eco-dyeing along with my other dyes.

My first attempt at combining the two produced weak imagery.  So back to work and bundled again using slightly different techniques, this is batching.

I  needed to be more patient this time and leave the bundle alone for at least a week, at least, which I managed to do!

Here is the result.  It is interesting.


The colours of nature applied to silk

August 14, 2015

Winter sunny days are displaying a beautiful range of blues – all changing as the day matures into darkness.

Cool greys and sage greens also feature with this cooler weather that’s blowing snow on nearby ranges.

These scarves have just been hand-dyed using my Acid Dyes on silk.  Anything messy and experimental gets me moving.  Here’s the latest outcomes.

The blues with touch of red - My silk scarf hand-dyed with acid dyes

The blues with touch of red – My silk scarf hand-dyed with acid dyes

Dynamic colours on silk scarf

Dynamic colours on silk scarf

Silk scarf dyed with sage green and peachy coral colours I made up for the purpose.

Silk scarf dyed with sage green and peachy coral colours I made up for the purpose.

Cool greys with rusty coloured gum leaves on silk

Cool greys with rusty coloured gum leaves on silk



Working with nature

August 13, 2015

I made fabric postcard with hand-dyed fabrics, and free-wheeling machine stitch to reflect my love of the landscape and its wild fauna growth.

At the moment my mind is focussed on eco-dyeing.  The spontaneity of colour from nature’s leaves is alluring.   The process demands all my patience whilst I wait for the bundle of silk and leaves to batch in the winter sun.   I am told to leave it alone for at least 7 days before its unwrapping.   Mmmm,  its going to be a long 7 days and 7 nights!


Back to the dyepots!

August 6, 2015

Winter in Dungog this year is a little chilling.  My dyeing dungeon (under the house) is not conducive to life!  But a spot of sunshine led me downstairs to awaiting dye pots and silk.

Over the year I have dabbled in various techniques to experiment my heart out, and there’s still more to do.  It’s now time to harness them in a book that I producing just for me.  What can I call this little book of experiments, I am wondering?  Your ideas are welcome!

Meantime here’s a few pics of my latest endeavours.


Coming back

August 5, 2015
Wet felt art piece for the wall

Wet felt art piece for the wall

I have returned from a spell away from the digital world.   Time out from organised creativity has been spell of fresh air to rethink my desires.

During this time I have created this piece with collage of fabric and yarns applied to merino wool and silk fibres.  In turn this was wet-felted and then stitched to create texture and interest.

Being shown at Dungog by Design’s exhibition (more details about this later)  It now hangs happily in a newly acquired home in Paddington, Sydney which is proudly owned by a Dungog resident.   In one way it was hard to see it go, in another I love that someone thinks it so special to hang it in their new home well away from their Dungog home.


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